Patrick Chevalier

A statement by the artist.

I have come to understand that art is a personal expression of existence in the context of space and time. Art creates paradoxical objects that sit between reality and illusion. Art objectively is a by-product of process. While the art object exists, it has no intrinsic significance but to the beholder. The beholder imparts to it a subjective value, positive or negative. Its existence is real but its purpose illusory because for it to hold meaning it must be interpreted by someone at some time.

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” and by extension I create. I make art because of my need to exist, but it is also to assimilate and express the experience. On a personal note, it helps me to expel circular existential thoughts. I work through these primal thoughts with the process, my mind stubbornly moves forward, and anxiety abates and vanishes. I create art because of the struggle to find this clarity and while I find comfort in making art, by extension I am charting a topography of my course in the fabric of existence.

In short, I make art because it soothes my mind and helps me communicate my deepest thoughts.

To build this topography I do so as a multidisciplinary artist. It is an approach that I was taught and readily adopted for its flexibility. While I am unbound by any specific medium for the purpose of creation, I do have an affinity for the traditional medium techniques of drawing and painting, and I have a special fondness for the medium of encaustic. However, I have worked in collage and digital art production because of the accessibility of materials and economy of their manipulation and have dabbled in sculpture, in-situ, performance and musical composition.

Patrick Chevalier

The structure of the work is the trinity.


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