Patrick Chevalier Professional

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This portion of the site has been integrated separately to showcase my professional achievement, production and works.

My approach is multidisciplinary and it is sustained by diverse creative interests, a strong curiosity and a healthy work ethic. You will find here examples that demonstrate my technical strengths centring around design for print web but also my works in web integration. For a complete overview of my creative and artistic works please see them here ont the alternate sections of this site.

I have been commended for my work as an illustrator and graphic designer for electronic and traditional mediums and also for my diligent work as webmaster for small to large businesses. It is simple hard work and opportunity that has made me progress from simple designer and html coder to experienced front end integrator capable of installing and customizing out of box dedicated CMS platforms like Joomla, Wordpress, and Shopify as well as some work with custom framework solutions.

I have also been responsibility for small projects as team coordinator and more recently having held a key role as technical adviser and administrator for three separate online travel groups. The last of these was most challenging as it consisted of overseeing a multi-threaded CMS web solutions supporting over 60 websites designed and integrated with customized turnkey template and solutions for travel agencies and agents desiring an online presence and online reservation commission and marketing tools.

I have been in charge of (re)-designing, integrating, maintaining and debugging the centralized solutions for up 60 concurrent sites all the while assisting with the integration of and punctual updates for front end the site templates and features.

To further round out this brief profile, I am fully bilingual in French and in English and I am a steadfast and diplomatic collaborator that can be a strong asset for any team looking achieve outstanding and measurable results.