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Welcome to our website dedicated to our independent creative artists.

You will find here in the works of mixed-media and multimedia artist, Patrick Chevalier a.k.a Pat(Che), as well as Painter and Illustrator Laween a.k.a Stephanie Glassey.

Patrick Chevalier  |  Pat(Che)  |   Laween

Also you will find the contributions of creators, artists and writers who we thank and credit for their time and contribution to our creative projects:

  • Prose by: Derek Hamilton III - Writer, Actor, Ruffian and Vagabond - Burger Time
  • Poetry by: Jacqueline Rosenhek - Writer - Cold Wind
  • Ice Art: Allan Sutt - Multi-medium Artist, Print & Ice - Cold Wind
  • Poetry by: Mihovic Semeinski - Writer, Actor, Theatre Direction - The Wanting Man