Frame One

Written by Patrick Chevalier. Posted in Frame One SB

Frame One is a means to an end. First posted on social media platforms in early 2015 it is a meant to be a conduit to reinvigorate my motivation for creating illustrative art through story telling and allegories. The images are centralized here in order to promote the project as a whole but also to encourage communication from visitors but also I am hoping for a collaboration with my peers. The art works are ordered in such a way as to expresses an episodic and ongoing movement in narrative but it can also be viewed as poetic illustration automatist and poetic.

Frame One’s basic theme is loosely based on storyboarding and one with only nine (9) frames which are presented like an ongoing loop of thoughts beginning with naught and ending with naught. It is a tribute to my early fascination with numerology and a nag at my Sisyphean tendency for morbid procrastination. This thread promised at times to be disjointed, automatic or poetics and at others times be structured and chronicled, however the endeavor will remain to create a consistent creative records of iteration in a timely fashion.

I take this moment to thank the many who contributors who have helped produce the present body of works – please take a moment to acknowledge their contributions by reading the credits of each zero frame.

Please enjoy.  Che.