Frame One : a cold wind || un vent froid

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Frame One ( IX ):

"a cold wind / le vent froid" is the second collaborative frame one series. Inspired by the prose from Jacqueline Rosenhek and incorporating art generously shared by Allan Sutt who creates works with pigment and liquid solutions as medium, temperature and light as a tools and film as his canvas.

Allan Sutt

For more information about Allan Sutt and his works visit please do visit his artist page. If you appreciate his work please like or share but better yet do order one of his prints. Get some art for art is good.

Allan Sutt Frost Art

Jacqueline Rosenhek

Original text

a cold wind

I listen to the wind outside singing through the trees.

It's the only company I have.

My apartment is washed over in a pink and amber hue which gives me a false sense of warmth.

I inhale deeply from my pipe as the weed i packed into the bowl, I lean back as thick, heavy smoke blows out of me, beautiful.

The wind continues to shriek and pound against my window, like a psychopath trying to kill me...

sometimes I wish it was.

ah ha ha ha ha ha !