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Work Experience

Design, Creation and Layout for the Web

  • Experienced and fastidious web page designer and editor.
  • Talented artist capable in creating with traditional mediums and outside the digital context but able to establish meaningful links between them.
  • 15 years’ experience creating for web and print production capable of quickly editing graphic resources and media files for digital and web presentations.
  • Creative interactive media designer capable of working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other desktop publishing and design suites and capable of creating captivating and seductive design and ergonomic sites, while respecting best practice rules and ergonomic conventions.
  • Attentive photographer capable of capturing and editing professional digital images.


  • More than 15 years with the maintenance, creation and administration of Web assets using (D/x)HTML,CSS 2 - 3 (with notions of less & sass) and JavaScript (jQuery).
  • 5 experience with assisting web development in PHP (LAMP), PHP/AJAX and have had experiences with ASP, VBS, Perl Script programming for dymic web support.
  • Junior programmer in PHP and OOP with 4 years of proven experiences in the development of web application using LAMP (Linux, Apache Red Hat, MySQL 4-5.0 et PHP 4.2 -5).
  • Good working understanding of MySQL database creation, editing and maintenance.
  • Intermediate front-end developer capable of working with running objects and editing CMS assets for Joomla and Word Press frameworks.
  • Experienced with Subversion VCS and a working knowledge of Git dVCS as well as experiences using Agile development through the use of Bit Bucket and Altlassian JIRA and Confluence cloud based team applications

Web promotion

  • More than 8 years setting and maintaininig SEO standards for client website and creation of paralelle web promotional assest the implementation editing and vetting of meta tag data, Open Graph protocal the maintenamce of XML maps in consort targetted search marketing with Google, Bing, and Yahoo products.
  • Working undertanding of facebook and other social media marketing and optimisation : Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Expérience éprouvée dans la conception et le déploiement de publipostages email sur mesure ou avec applications tel que MailChimp.
  • More than 5 years experience site traffic analysis for small and large ecomerce and reference sites.

Project Coordination

  • I have more tha 5 years proven project coordniation experience for small to large scalable web projects for small and large business solutions as well as for affiliated partnerships and I have managed small work teams and maintained a freelance contracts.
  • I am an excellent team worker able to assess his competences as well as those of his team.
  • Effective collaborator in project and budget planning.
  • Able communicator capable of producing prompt and concise project reports.
  • Extensive experience in the coordination and submission of pre-press materials to clients and service bureaus with strong troubleshooting skills
  • In charge of media archiving and resource coordination within small and large enterprises including the coordination and selection outsourced materials.
  • Able to simultaneously balance the planning and execution of several marketing projects for web and print materials and enthusiastic supporter of all production tasks (assembling press kits, mail outs, etc.)
  • I am quickly adopoting an Agile toolkit and Scrum project management methodologies adopted form my recent experiences and as a freelance designer and integrator.

Employment History

Solutions (bd) Solutions Montreal QC (

  • Founder, project manager, designer and integrator for web and print projects.  (See freelance work)

Voyages en Direct Montréal QC (

  • Accounts Management – Project Coordination – (D/x)HTML/CSS Integration – Graphic Design – Web Editing – Hosting Administration
  • Support and maintainance for up to 60 concurrent sites for the affiliated clients and assistance with the integration and updating front end features for in-house and third party modules and templates.
  • Maintenance of image and software licences for VED central and their affiliates
  • Internal technologic trouble-shooter and customer services support.

2006-2007 and 2007-2009
Tours Chanteclerc inc. /Solbec inc. et Selim Tours inc.  Montreal QC (

  • Project Coordination – Hosting Administration – (X)HTML/CSS Integration – Graphic Design – Web Editing
  • Management and maintenance of external hosting assets such as email accounts, disk quotas, database allocation, hosting extensions as well as performing additional duties listed below for the following client sites:
    • Sports Horizon. Montréal, QC ( 
      Project coordinator  – Hosting administrator  – Lead developper  – Graphic designer 
    • Exploratours/centre info tourisme. Montréal, QC ( 
      Web integrator and developper – Graphiic Designer
    • Voyage Marco Polo. Montréal, QC (
      Webmaster - Graphic Designer
    • ATOQ (Association des Tours Opérateurs du Québec) Montréal, QC (
      Project coordinator – Hosting administrator – Integrator and programmer - Graphic Designer

Freelance and contractuel

2015 Present - Freelance  Paris, France

2009-2014 : Solutions (bd) Solutions Montréal, QC (,,

  • Project coordination, hosting administration, graphic design et application integration and programming
  • Gestion de microentreprise, design graphique pour le site web de l’entreprise et ses clients, soumission pour demande de projet, gestion de projet. Design and maintenance of web and print projects for (bd) clients : 
    • Verminex Montréal, QC ( (2014 – aujourd’hui)
      Project coordination – integration – Hosting administration – Installation of Joomla (J2.5 CMS) and supporting modules – Installation of Optimisation tools OER (SEO) et CER (SEM)   – Graphic Design for for print and web assets
    • L’affichiste Poster Gallery. Montréal, QC ( (2009 - 2014)
      Project coordination – Application Integration in Liquid (for Shopify CMS) – Web optimisation and marketing OER (SEO) et CER (SEM)   – Graphic design et other consultations
    • Extermintech (Termin-x). Montréal, QC (2011 - 2014)
      Project coordination – Website Integration – Hosting administration – Installation of Joomla (J2.5 CMS) and supporting modules – Installation of Optimisation tools OER (SEO) et CER (SEM)   – Graphic Design for for print and web assets
    • Maison Théatre. Montréal, QC ( (2010 - 2013)
      Website Integration –  PHP and JavaScript (JQuery) programming – site optimisation OER (SEO) et CER (SEM)  – Graphic design and other consultations on hosting, site administration and direct-e-mail design and martketing

    • Nook Design – Woodworking. Montréal, QC ( et (2008 - présent)
      Graphic design – Webmastering – JavaScript and PHP programming and site integration
    • Other clients : Gibault Design, Cuisilab, Ferme Boréalis, Docteur Fondation du Québec, Artistes : Marie-Josée Décarie, Michel Marchand, Suzanne Provancher, Yves Beaulieu.
      Web site integration –  PHP and JavaScript (JQuery) programming – Site optimisation OER (SEO) et CER (SEM) and other related consultation

Volunteer work:

2004 and 2006 Saint-Laurent des Arts : Studio de Gaspé. Montréal, QC

  • Webmaster – Graphic designer  – Consultant for Cultural promotions and Assistant Event Coordinator

2004 and 2005 L’Agora Festif 3 et 4 : Centre Étienne Desmarteau. Montréal, QC

  • Assistant coordinator for the painting and drawing space – organisational comittee member

2005 «Journée de la culture» and «Transgression visuelle.» Saint-Laurent des Arts. Montréal. QC.

  • Associated coordinator for open studio event

1996-1997 Nuits des Beaux-Arts. Université Concordia, Montréal, QC.

  • Event (happening) : Associated coordinator of events, lighting and sound assitant, host.



  • 14 years of autodidactic learning in graphic design, web integration, hosting administration and programming combining work practice, online and traditional tutorials and seminars and exchange of peer knowlege.


  • Concordia University : Bachelors of Fine Arts and Art History with a minor in theatre

List of techniques and acquired knowledge

Protocoles, standards

I have utilized all the following protocols and languages over the course of my career :


Web Based Applications and Social Tools

Shopify, Joomla, Word Press, Blogger, Inexhibit, Drupal and Reach Online
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Picassa, Flickr

Search Engine Marketing and social marketing

Google, AdWord, Google Analytics, WebTrendz Log Analyzer, SubmitWolf

Progiciels de communication et commercialisation Web

Google solutions d’Affaires (Analytics, AdWord, AdSense, Web Optimizer etc.), Bing solutions d’affaires
Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Vimeo, You Tube, Linked In, Google + …

Project management

Redmine, JIRA, Confluence
SVN : Beanstalk, dMVC: Git : GitHub BitBucket  

Multimedia applications

Adobe AfterEffect and Audition, Adobe Flash, Garage Band, NCH tools, QBase

Print and digital media production applications

QuarkXpress ; Adobe Suite : Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design (now Creative Cloud multimedia)
Mark-z-Wear FlightChek Collect; Corel Draw, Extreme 3D

Integration and programming languages

PHP, JavaScriptm, jQuery, knowledge of MooTools et
Knowlege of ASP, PEARL and RUBY

servers and operating systems

MAC OS ><= X  ;  Windows 8.1; Windows 95 >= Vista;  Windows NT.
Knowledge of DOS 3.x 9 see command prompt; LINUX see bash on MAC; VAX; UNIX, Apache Red Hat
Experienced with the administration of virtual and dedicated hosting solutions.

Data and datbases

MySQL with MyAdmin
Microsoft : Word, Excel and Access; Claris Works, Filemaker Pro
QUICKLINK PRO progiciel de recherche de textes légaux

Office software and applications

Experienced with Microsoft Office Suite for enterpris now Office 360, MS Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint with a basic knowlege of Access and Visual Basic, Publisher and OneNote for Window et Mac.