Guy Gibault Design / Cuisilab

Written by Patrick Chevalier. Posted in All Content

Site design and integration.

Initially requested as a holding page for their reserved domain the services rendered to Cuisilab is a representative client base that fit (bd) niche of services. In completing this agreement, I was tasked to create a simple responsive small business website so as to compliment the workspace designer’s businesses aesthetic and to support the print catalogue products and its brick and mortar operations.

The client’s requirements were that the site remains economical and minimalist while ensuring the sublimation of the creative spirit behind the manufactured product and design services. This meant for the client that the catalogue quality images remain at the forefront of the design but without damaging the brands search natural placement for local and provincial searches for similar business services.

As the client previously had a few technological solutions in place we ensured that these assets remain in their hands while improving the overall accessibility and transparency. This required a DNS change from a private DNS service to a hosted solution and the repatriation of any associated infrastructure.

  • Hosting Solutions Migration, Setup and Administration
  • Account administration and production coordination
  • Graphic Design and website design
  • DHTML / CSS integration
  • SEO verification and consultations