Tours Chanteclerc

Written by Patrick Chevalier. Posted in All Content

Branding, logo design and product development.

My work with Tours Chanteclerc began as a simple replacement gig that evolved onto freelancing adventures and later a comfy and steady webmaster and integrator job all spanning over the course of 3 years. The company remains one of the leading tour operators for francophone clients in the province of Québec providing thousands of touring products to destinations worldwide. At the time of my employ the companies web site was chiefly designed and updated by hand in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No frameworks, no databases or CMS's here (and then). The content was provided post-print in PDF format. Catalogues containing thousands Bus, Cruise and alternate touring offers to international travel destinations like Europe, Africa, Asia, South and North America, South Pacific and a whole slew special offer flyers and seasonal promotions.

This mountainous content was an overtime job for one integrator leaving me feeling like a Sisyphus most days of the week. In updated the site and I slowly introduced code to streamline some processes and worked to improved supply chain of data such as receiving original text before print publication, creating a dev environment to stage content, or converting content to an acceptable data format as means to introduce data driven design. Being webmaster for the enterprise brought me invaluable experience in project management especially with sites that have large and diverse requirement.

  • Webmaster and web integration
    • Web Production Coordinator
    • Web site integration and design
    • Hosting cPanel Administration including the installation of modules and external accounts (email, ftp etc.) on off-site servers.
  • Graphic designer for website and web marketing
    • Branding & logos
    • Identity packages and Business Cards
    • Digital Art specifications for web
    • Documents coodinator
  • Images and software licensing
  • Technologist Trouble-shooter