Nook Design

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Websites, Hosting administration and more.

E-commerce integration, Hosting administration

Jason Scott Conway and Nook Design has been a return client for many years and they have trusted (bd) and I with many of their media and communication projects. I have gladly provided my counselling and punctual services for this small business as I am especially appreciative and sensitive to the necessities that craft peoples and small businesses that require punctual services which fit within their particular economic boundaries.

Along with maintaining and integrating two custom sites for Nook Design and Urns Nook that promote their custom woodworking designs, (bd) has also consulted and provided help in administering their hosting administration, verifying and implementing SEO up to installing and providing tutorials for the owner’s artist CMS website.

Most of the early site integrations and design improvements were integrated utilizing procedural PHP in LAMP ((d)HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL) a framework to deliver a functional dynamic and bilingual site which includes a back-end product inventory supporting a custom shopping basket system and integrated with PayPal services for the woodworking sites.

This micro e-commerce site was meant to be a short term online solution for Nook Design to reach customers and facilitate transactions while a more sophisticated solutions was researched as a long term goals. The site remains online has been serviceable to this day even since parallel sales solutions have been adopted by the business.

  • Hosting Solutions Migration, Setup and Administration
  • Account administration and production coordination
  • Graphic Design and website design
  • DHTML / CSS integration
  • SEO verification and consultations