Braindead Solutions

Written by Patrick Chevalier. Posted in All Content

Braindead Solutions (bd) was founded by Stephanie Glassey and myself (Patrick Chevalier) in 2006 as a desire to get into business for ourselves allowing us to focus on small and creative projects. But like most business started on a whim the purpose of (bd) quickly morphed from its initial goal of propelling our creative production onto a retail platform and instead became a pseudonym for freelancing our know-how.

Since freelancing I do it is what (bd) does and so here my approach. I work with clients that have existing tools or assets and provide them with extra technical and/or design assistance which they require to maintain and improve their investment. I consult with the client and provide timely solutions and teach them how to use their assets to its best potential.

(bd)'s primary aim is to maintain, compliment and extend the client's initial wed marketing investment. In short, finding out how their solution works, how to updated it and how to make use of the clients existing framework and technologies to set realistic and cost effective goals so they can continue to use these assets so they can get on with their real business of doing their business.

As I continue to dream of building up this business mission and bring together a team of helpers with like minded collaborators, creators and developers (bd) is essentially is a Braindead Solution.

In addition to the regular administrative tasks associated founder of a freelance business such as:

  • Hosting solution setup and administration
  • Customer service
  • Project accountability
  • Business development

here are some of the creative work that I had an immense joy in developing and creating for (bd) :

  • Logo Design
  • Letterhead and business card designs
  • Writing and translation (ok not as much joy here)
  • Website Design and redesign
  • SEO and online marketing

You will find on this site a great portion of the last 10 years of my professional works and realizations.